a list to keep track of places that J&C would like to visit someday…

before time passes them by…

whether they make it there… only time will tell…

*destinations added in chronological order


  1. 183 Euston Road – Wellcome Collection: A Destination for the Incuribly Curious Visited on 12 May 2010
  2. Northeastern Trafalgar Square – St Martin in the Fields has a cafe in the crypt
  3. No.5 Surrey Lane – find a London Roman Bath
  4. Kensington Palace – Enchanted Palace Night Exhibition
  5. V&A Museum of Childhood – Sit Down exhibit & more


  1. Cambridge
  2. Oxford – Visited by C only on 10 Jul
  3. Bath – J went to bath on 3rd Sept, can’t remember why C didn’t go…
  4. Brighton Visited on 22 May 2010
  5. Salisbury – Stonehenge Visited 5th August, w/o C tho
  6. Scotland
  7. Windsor Castle Visited on 5 Jun 2010
  8. Milton Keanes
  9. Cornwall Beach – Over Bank holiday weekend in Sept… C bailed out last minute
  10. Wales – Cardiff & Glower: Due to unforseen circumstances, C made a lil trip without J over the weekend of 23 Oct…
  11. Coventry – Small quiet town. C made a short visit over the weekend to visit a place she never thought she would go on 12 Nov..
  12. Birmingham – artsy city and full of bustle. C left her footprint in one of the famous rag market in the city centre on 13 Nov…


  1. Barcelona – the city of pretty buildings and Gaudi
  2. Madrid
  3. Greece esp. Athens – for Athens and all things to do with greek architecture and philosophy
  4. Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park
  5. Dublin and Glendalough – Visited on 30th Jul/31 Jul by C only
  6. Rome
  7. Prague
  8. Poland
  9. Berlin – J finally set foot in her 1st German city 7th – 14th Sept
  10. Holland April 2011
  11. County Kerry – scenic tranquil nature – Finally together conquered the scenic Kerry on the weekend of 5 Mar 2011!
  12. Nuernberg – the town with the most famous Weihnachtsmarkt
  13. Norway
  14. Sweden
  15. Valencia
  16. Rotterdam & Hague – Made it together between 5 to 7 Apr 2011!


  1. Brazil
  2. Morocco
  3. Turkey

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