Lesson #88 – It is ok to talk to strangers. Sometimes…

Growing up in an environment that tells you not to talk to strangers, makes you typically snobbish, rude, and unfriendly in the cosmopolitan world of london. But one thing you slowly learn, is that it is really ok to talk to strangers. sometimes…

As C has rightly put, if the feel and level of openess and friendliness feels right, there is so much you can learn, from talking to the person you sat with on a train ride, met while taking a pit stop from running in the park, and even just the random person asking for directions in the streets… And I’ve always taken a little secret liking to such brief moments.

Sometimes. It is to these people whom you’ll never see again, that one feels truly at ease, to say what you really feel or think, and share thoughts openly, knowing that you won’t have to face judgement for the things you said in the next few days… and more often than not,  gain some new insights, knowledge, and perspectives on things you never gave much thought about.

So sometimes. It is ok to talk to strangers. Try to remember that.

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One Response to Lesson #88 – It is ok to talk to strangers. Sometimes…

  1. clariice says:

    I think I am beginning to like the idea of talking to strangers!
    Except on the way back yesterday, there was this man from Philippines who tried to ask if I was from Philippines…In order to ensure no further conversation, I nodded my head when he asked if I was chinese..ha!

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