Lesson #85 – How to apply for a reader card at the British Library

Totally amazing how I was living near the British library for around five months and never once have I ever stepped into it. However, a comment from my brother to understand more about my historical background prompted me to initiate my first visit before 2010 ended.

Before I went there, I had no idea that one needed a reader card to get into the reference section. As such, on my first visit, I went to the self-help machine on the second floor(just before it was due to close in 45minutes) to apply for one only to find out that I needed two pieces of documents – one official letter to prove my current residential address(It could be a bill or a bank statement or perhaps a residential card) and another to prove my identity(passport, photo ID card etc).

I dug into my wallet and discovered that I could prove my identity but I had nothing on me to prove my current address. As such, I exited the library kicking myself in the butt for not putting in enough efforts in my research. It was after another long period before I made another attempt to get the reader card.

But so there – with the BIG resource staring right in front of you –¬†INTERNET – do make sure that you do not make wasted trips as I did!

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