Lesson #81 – Be confident of your numbers!

Standing at the usual spot each morning, I was surprised to see the usual parking spot of service 33 occupied by service E11 – Drayton Park. Attributing it to a special service on a Wed morning or perhaps E11 was taking a temporary reprieve, I proceeded to ignore it and wondered when my bus will arrive.

As it fired up and stopped at my bus stop, nobody got up the bus…till one bloke went up to make some enquiries. Apparently the bus seemed to go to his destination and he proceeded to board it. The couple of students surrounding me seemed to come into action and they all started boarding the bus one by one…and a thought crept into my head! What if it’s not the bus I thought it was? Right in front of my eyes, the destination of the bus started flipping…and preston, it transformed into MY BUS!

It was obviously too late when I leapt into action. I ran right towards the bus at the same instant as the bus started rolling its wheels forward. As I stood at the boarding spot, staring at the backview of the departing bus, it was yet another new lesson for a brand new day.

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