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Lesson #78 – Xmas and New Year ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s in London

Xmas in London is totally unlike back home. It is a a time where the whole of the city jus takes a break. Literally. New Years celebrations include many countdown parties as usual and fireworks displays all over. A friend … Continue reading

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Did you know? – That there is a hidden Korean town within London

And it is located in New Malden – zone 4 – outside central London. But it’s not too far away with about 10,000 korean inhabitants, making it the largest and most concentrated korean population in Europe.There was a residential feel … Continue reading

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Did you know? – That the shortest day of the year is….

called the Winter Solstice and is either on 21 or 22 Dec taking place in the northern hemisphere. It’s also the first day of winter. According to Wiki, that’s when the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun … Continue reading

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Lesson #77 – How to maximize returns from your room when you are on holiday

Imagine this scenario – 1. You have to pay a rental of around 500++ each month but you will not be occupying it for an entire month. 2. You only know 3 days in advance that you need to leave. … Continue reading

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Lesson #76 – Top 5 external conditions when your gloves should be within a stretch of a hand all the time.

1. When the temperature always falls within the range of less than 5. 2. When the sky threatens to snow anytime 3. When your daily journey involves standing at an unsheltered bus stop especially for potentail waiting time of┬ámore than … Continue reading

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