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Lesson #68 – How to Dress for a Rainy day in London

Part 1 – The Importance of a Hood Yes we know that umbrellas are the most handy shelters for walking in the rain. But so is anything with a hood! especially for the type of rain here in london, one … Continue reading

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Lesson #67 – It is entirely possible to have 7 people sharing the same info which is not true

And they all did not know it. On my trip to Cardiff, S and I had an inspiration to head to Gower Coast. It was a fantastic place from the broshure – only challenge lies in how to get there. … Continue reading

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Lesson #66 – Expectations of a bus stop in Gower

After four hours in Gower, with expectations to be wowed by the spectacular Gower Coast, not only did was I disappointed but I received a deeply etched lesson about the bus stop in Gower – 0. They are not labelled … Continue reading

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Lesson #65 – Memorise your postal code (if possible)

It will save you alot of time and makes your life easier as it saves you the hassle of trying to fish out the postal code all the time as there are 3 immediate uses which happens very frequently. – 1. … Continue reading

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Did you know? That Bata was founded in the Czech Republic?

An old logo most of us from home grew up with. Our chalk white canvas school shoes were originally a European brand that started off making mass produced military shoes for the army in world war 1? !!!? Guess I … Continue reading

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Lesson #65 – How to cook healthy green pea soup

Ingredients: Onion, green peas, corn, chicken bits, diced carrots, butter, dried fungus mushrooms Step 1: Put in the butter in a heated wok. Step 2: Put in the onion, carrots, mushrooms and corn to fry. Step 3: When fragrance is emitted, … Continue reading

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Lesson #64 – How to avoid delayed scheduled headway in London

Answer – Dont stop It was one of the most amusing journey I ever had – and for once I had minimal opportunity to sleep . Background  – The bus was late. Following close behind was the same bus service. … Continue reading

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