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Lesson #61 – How to whip up a tasty yummy bowl of noodle soup within 30min

Ingredients needed – Sliced onions, corn, diced carrots,one egg, noodles, pak choi, I cant tell it’s not butter! Step 1: Put some butter into a heated pot. Step 2: AFter the butter has dissolved, throw in the onion, carrots and … Continue reading

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Lesson #60 – I cant believe it’s not Butter!

A good multi-purpose butter! Tasty, cheap and aside from being a good bread spread, it works equally well in its ‘oil’ role to inject a fragrant layer into the dishes we created.

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Lesson #59 – Oyster reminders

yes. we all know what the oyster card is. but what’s the best way to utilise that card? sure it saves you money on those exorbitantly priced single trip tickets. but it also offers a range of complicated travel payment … Continue reading

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Lesson #58 – Must haves to kick start a typical working holiday

a decent black collared top, and plain black pants and shoes [optional heels]. for all the ad hoc events and part time service industry jobs in between the travelling. pay a visit to PRIMARK here in the UK for pretty … Continue reading

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Lesson #57 – Book your budget flight and lodging as early as possible

Yes. we need to. because prices escalate as you near your date of departure. I cannot stress more on the importance of planning ahead… are talking about a difference of 2 pounds in just a day’s difference sometimes.

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Lesson #56 – How important is a current account & a debit card in the UK?

VERY. u basically cannot pay monthly phone bills, needless to say set up a mobile phone account without one. u can’t even get your pay without a bank account, as they all do they employee payments through direct debit here. … Continue reading

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Did you know? – That a free bus ride is also possible when the bus driver decides to change the route halfway

I got a free bus ride transfer today. The difference between the outcome of the previous incident(when the driver also made us alight halfway suddenly without any other arrangement) and this time –  I was only slightly peeved the journey … Continue reading

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