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Did you know? – The Notting Hill Carnival originated from Trinidad

 A two day annual event normally celebrated on the summer bank holiday weekend – This caribbean carnival originated from Trinidad and dates back to as early as the 19th century. The intention of this festive season was all about celebrating … Continue reading

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Lesson #48 – Wear your boots when you go to carnivals

Unless it’s absolutely scorching hot or you have a keen sense of awareness of your surroundings topped with super instinctive reflex reaction, please try to wear your boots to any carnivals. It might potentially save your feet from un-due dampness … Continue reading

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Lesson #47 – How to be convinced that kindness do still exist in this world?

Sometimes we are guilty of taking for granted by the acts of kindness given to us by our family and friends. We assume that they should do things for us, we assume they should help us whenever we ask for … Continue reading

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Lesson #46 – How to check-in efficiently at low cost and board Ryanair at Luton airport

On my virgin trip with Ryanair, I had my printed online tickets with me and arrived at the airport way bright and early, way before check-in time. Check in time was around 5+ am and I arrived at 3+ .Before that, I read stories … Continue reading

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Lesson #45 – Hey Mr. Dongle, Meet Mdm Pin Sentry

this is like your personal ATM, coupled with a pc or laptop for online banking. … … which personally, i thought, seems more fun and better than the old lil’ dongle. yes you do need that extra step of inserting … Continue reading

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Lesson #44 – Don’t Bother asking for Coke in an Organic Cafe

there is coca cola original, diet coke, and then coke light… but not yet an organic coke… therefore you can never get one in an organic cafe. so don’t bother. may b some time in the next few years.. when … Continue reading

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Did you know? – Dublin has 3 traffic colours for pedestrians!

  First thing I noticed in Dublin when I crossed the road – the buttons looked slightly confusing! Seems to indicate for pedestrians – please press the top button! It certainly wasnt intuitive(aka not very user friendly) as it made me … Continue reading

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