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Lesson #23 – How to climb THE tree within Hyde Park in 15 simple steps

Instructions to find Target : 1. Go through the entrance facing the hyde park corner tube station 2. Walk past one toilet on your left. 3. Look for a tree just like this –   Attire – Shorts or non-tight jeans … Continue reading

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Lesson #22 – Seagulls in Brighton DO Steal

A friend Y, actually witnessed these big white birds. prey on people’s food, and saw one of them swoop down, and snatched a women’s vanilla ice cream from her hands. never knew they had such a ‘sweet tooth’.

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Lesson #21 – How to cross a zebra-crossing efficiently

Pre-requisite – Courage to risk your life Background knowledge – Pedestrian needs to make the first move. Based on numerous observations and experience, not all vehicles will stop at zebra-crossings. They will just assume that the pedestrians have no intentions … Continue reading

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Lesson #20 – How to secure a circumference of privacy on a crowded beach….

..for a party of 3 in Brighton with a lovely temperature of 24 deg? Just 3 simple steps – Step 1. Arrive before noontime Step 2. Spot a empty space from afar Step 3: Spread out all your towels/mats – 5 … Continue reading

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Lesson #19 – The importance of follow-ups

Apparently most recruitors here doesnt seem to read the submitted CVs nor the conversations they had with potential candidates. Evidence 1 – The same recruitor called 3 times and repeated the same questions  about myself and the job description. Evidence 2 … Continue reading

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Lesson #18 – Bring your CV along, even when searching for Temp/Casual work!

Hair Salon Receptionist, Catering, Waitressing, Sales girls Positions…. all require CVs to be submitted, unlike back home.  so if you are looking for temp work while on the move around UK, do print some CVs to carry around. It’ll b … Continue reading

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Did you know? – Ducks clean themselves too!

Ducks – fascinating creatures which never fail to brighten up my run. According to wikipedia – Ducks is the common name for a number of species in the Anatidae family of birds. The word duck comes from Old English *dūce, … Continue reading

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